Will The Scar Be Visible After Undergoing A Upper Eyelid Surgery?

According to studies, the upper eyelid shows quick results for skin healing. Scars on this part of the skin tend to heal faster than elsewhere in the body. If you are thinking about an eyelid surgery, you might also have some thoughts about scarring afterwards. It should be clear to you that scarring is normal when the skin went through surgical operations including an upper eyelid surgery.

In other cases, some patients who have outstanding healing ability may experience imperceptible scarring to the point that scars aren’t that visible to the naked eye. Yet, these cases are not common to majority of people. There are only a few who have the good fortune to experience this situation even after undergoing the surgery.

Scarring – Visible Effect of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Once the surgery and incision are made, scars can be visible to some degree. In the case of an eyelid surgery, the scars are commonly minimal and manageable. Weeks after the surgery, you will see noticeable scars that may worry you at some extent. The scars may fade slowly and substantially even with no treatment at all. To know more about, don’t hesitate to visit a plastic surgeon Bella Vista – Dr Naveen Somia.

There’s nothing that you should panic about eyelid incision scars because they heal beautifully once you take care of it. In some instances, healing may take longer particularly if the incision has affected a larger area of the skin. Usually, it will take about a year for the scars to completely heal and recover. Maximum recovery can be achieved once you deal with the scars effectively and safely.

What You Need to Do to Lessen the Appearance of Scars

Scars after an upper eyelid surgery is not an unusual thing. Scarring is a post-operative effect of the surgery that can be minimized. Consulting your surgeon of the things that you can do to minimize the scarring is one of the best actions to avoid the adverse effects of the scars. Removing sutures should be done at the best time allowed by your surgeon.

On your part, you should keep your eyelids lubricated to prevent scabbing and crusting. You can use a topical ointment or the one that is prescribed by your surgeon to diminish the indentations. As much as possible, infections should be prevented because bacteria may get in the scars anytime of the day. Make sure that the scars are not exposed to any potential cause of infection to guarantee fast healing and full recovery.

After the droopy eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia – a plastic surgeon Bella Vista, you should expect scarring because of the incisions. It’s a typical aftermath of a surgery that every patient must be aware of. If you are quite alarmed and conscious of the scars, then you can discuss the matter with your original surgeon to help your deal with it at the most effective manner.

Scar management is a simple thing to do especially if you are guided by an expert particularly your surgeon. You can even reduce the maximum duration required to completely heal the scars with your surgeon’s advice and assistance. Surgeons know the best for their patients so you should always make it to a point to inquire and visit them.

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