What to Do After Getting Involved In a Truck Accident

Study reveals that a good number of Americans will be involved in at least a single truck accident during their lifetime. Truck accidents rank among the leading causes of death, back injuries and fractured ribs among other deformities. The consequences of truck mishaps are often extremely traumatic, negatively impacting on the rest of the victim’s life.

The majority of drivers in the US erroneously assume that state laws regarding compensation for injuries and wage loss among other things are similar irrespective of whether you have been involved in a car or truck accident. Yet, there are clear dissimilarities between the two and comprehending them is of utmost importance in protecting yourself in the event of being involved in a truck accident. Legal advice regarding how you should deal with the insurance company, medical issues and making claims have been summarized below.

  • First, just pull over and stay calm; do not panic. More importantly, do not drive off; failing to stop at the scene of the accident or omitting to report an accident to the police in twenty-four hours’ time is a grave offense that could lead to a hefty fine, disqualification or worse still, imprisonment. In case the accident is minor, move your truck to a safe place, away from traffic. If you cannot move your vehicle, ensure that your hazard lights are turned on, after which you should remain secured in your truck awaiting traffic to clear from the scene of the accident. Check for injuries and if you suspect having sustained back or spinal injuries, contact the paramedics for medical attention. Be sure to call the police office even if the accident is minor. Exiting from your vehicle after a truck crash could lead to further injuries, thus increasing your recovery time and preventing maximum life enjoyment.
  • Ensure to collect the relevant personal information from all the involved parties, including contact and insurance information. Make detailed notes regarding the accident, including specific damages to all the involved vehicles and their plate numbers. You will also want to collect testimonies from key witnesses to give the insurance adjuster and the jury a better understanding of how the accident occurred.
  • Avoid unnecessarily revealing facts about the accident unless you are discussing with the police or your insurance agent. This is especially true if you believe the accident was your fault.
  • Contact a seasoned Louisville truck accident lawyer before contacting the opposing party’s insurance carrier. No insurance adjuster is exactly eager to give you the compensation you deserve following a truck accident; your lawyer will efficiently employ witness testimonies to assist you in recovering maximum compensation.
  • Even if it’s a minor truck accident, you should contact the police department in addition to seeking medical attention for any injuries you may have sustained during the accident. Even minor injuries sustained at that specific moment should be documented and reported, irrespective of their appearing unimportant as compared to the more grave harms. This is especially because most significant injuries are initially masked, rendering them difficult to link them to the accident if they are not documented.
  • Seeking immediate medical attention is important lest your recovery takes longer, which will also decrease the value you claim. Truck accident lawyers have connections to better medical facilities. You will, therefore, want to contact an established truck accident lawyer for a referral.

From the preceding, it’s evident that contacting a truck accident attorney is crucial in facilitating your injury claim. Attempting to pursue the claim on your own could lead you to deeper problems than you were in originally. A personal injury attorney will not only determine the value of your claim but also help you to assess lost wages and future medical expenses. Besides, they could also secure you quality home care if you need one.

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