What is SEO Compatible Web Design for a Construction Company?

You look through different web design blogs and websites and they will all boast about designing and developing SEO compatible websites. But nobody really explains what SEO compatible websites mean. For a person who is from the construction business, this can be totally confusing. So we have decided to simplify this for you and help you understand what SEO compatibility means in web design for general contractors.

An SEO compatible website is the one which search engine crawlers find easy to read and understand. Crawlers are algorithms that run through your website to read and interpret it. The easier it is for the crawler the higher will it rank your website. So this means that there are certain aspects that can make it easy for them to run through the website.

Structured Layout

Your website should follow a systematic structure so that the crawlers can find it easy. A layout that is all over the place and does not follow a pattern can confused them.

Clean Sitemap

Have a proper sitemap in place where each page is linked to its parent page. Floating pages that cannot be tracked back to a parent can impact the crawler’s reading of the website. It may not have the next logical page to move to from the floating page.

Clean Code

This is where your developer has to be very thorough. Keep the website code as clean as possible. Remove all he unnecessary code strings and JavaScripts to make it easier for the crawlers to run through. Unused code can throw up crawlers in a whole another direction.

Alt Tags and Text

Make sure that your alt tags and texts is in place for the images. This way if the crawler is not able to read the image, then it can read the text.

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