Tips on how to take care of the septic tank

Mastering the basic operations of the septic tank helps in waste management. One is able to know when to call for the septic services such as trucks and restroom services. Basic knowledge of how the septic tank works enables the service providing companies such as the truckxpress to adequately serve you. You will be able to clarify your needs and therefore save time.

The basic operation of the septic tank

The solid wastes are filtered to the bottom while the scum remains at the top. This goes on for a while until the liquid level is reached and overflows into the drain field. The draining is done by a pump or natural by the force of gravity.

To maintain the use of energy, it is advisable to design the tank to use gravity. There is a filter which requires regular cleaning and replacing otherwise the tank will clog and fail. In other tanking systems, an alarm is installed and used to test whether the septic functions properly.

Grey water conservation

Water conservation is important in every home. The tank cannot take a lot of water at one time and therefore it is advisable to use other means of disposing of grey water. Water from showers, sinks and the kitchen may be used to irrigate the yard and plant flowers. Separating the liquid from the solid waste takes time. Therefore it is advisable to permit the ingress of grey water into the tank in small quantities.

The basic checklist for the tank involves two things:

  • Always check for any leaky faucets in the toilet.
  • Opt for washing a small size of laundry at a time instead of a huge load all at once. Spreading out the laundry days will help.

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