Three Must-Buy Hydroponic Equipment

Hydroponics is a new form of growing, this way of growing is with either sand, water or gravel – with added nutrients. It is important to know that hydroponics does not use soil. There are plenty of different type of hydroponics systems which people are able to choose from, meaning they can pick a system which suits the type of plant they’re wanting to grow. If you’re thinking that hydroponics is a gardening route which you want to go down they do not worry because we can help you, we are going to list some of the most popular things to purchase when it comes to growing.

One of the first must-buy things is Shogun Samurai Coco A&B, this is a hydroponic base nutrient which contains SmartZen which many other type of nutrients doesn’t. Not only this but it has been said to increase yields by a massive six to eight percent. If you’re thinking of purchasing this base nutrient then look no further than Grown Harvest, one of the leading hydroponic kit shops in the UK.

Another thing we should consider buying is, a grow tent, for example the Green Qube Tent, this has been said to be one of the highest quality tents to date, being durable, sturdy and reliable. Not only this but the tents are double stitched and come in a variety of sizes, therefore you’re able to pick a tent which suits you needs and requirements.

HPS grow light kits are incredibly popular in the hydroponic market at the moment, for instance the 150w Maxibright Digital-Euro-Sunmaster HPS kit is a silent operator and has a low running cost. Not only this but the light kit doesn’t weigh a lot and has rubber mounted feet. If this is something you’re interested in purchasing then have a look at Grown Harvest, or search online to pick the best light kit suitable for you.

These three things are a must-have when starting up with hydroponics, however it can also be beneficial for you to know what you need to do before going and buying all the equipment needed.

  • One of the main things is that you need to find an area in your home which can be your indoor hydroponic gardening heaven. This area needs to be rather large to fit not just the equipment, but have enough room to manoeuvre around without it being an inconvenience to do so. Note: the designated space needs a source of power.
  • Pick a well-respected reputable company to purchase from.
  • Research and ask for advice off the experts to ensure that you go into the hydroponic world knowing as much as possible.

We hope that all this information has helped you, so all we have left to say is – happy growing!

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