Technology Strategists Prepare for Brexit’s Implications

It’s a year since what many people considered unthinkable happened. June 23rd 2016 delivered the decision that the UK was to leave the EU and Article 50 has recently been triggered at the European Parliament. We are all waiting and watching to see what this will bring.

Different people have their own expectations and opinions but one fact is clear: The roles of the technology strategist and technology strategy consultants are altering.

A technology strategist’s vital role

Brexit has the potential to strongly impact on the technology sector, particularly in London, but we shouldn’t be tempted to act in fear or let the ensuing months of uncertainty rule decision making processes.

Now is the optimum time for technology strategists to come to the fore and construct effective plans for the industry to withstand a wide range of challenges courtesy of Brexit. The initiatives from strategists should make the sector stronger than ever. Why survive when the sector can and should thrive?

As Brexit talks continue technology strategists have three core purposes:

  • To encourage and support investors and help them to find exceptional opportunities.
  • Inspire vertical growth in established technology sector businesses.
  • Keep us at the forefront of technology by bringing companies and investors together on new projects.

The good news is that so far the technology sector has responded well in a trying environment and has achieved modest growth. This places the sector ahead of others which have suffered in an uncertain marketplace. In 2016 £7 billion was invested in UK technology.

We cannot become complacent though. Everyone in the industry should strive for vertical growth and seek out their opportunities. Technology strategists should primarily direct attention in two areas.

  • Keeping borders open so that technology specialists across Europe can work in the UK. The success of the sector depends on accessibility.
  • We must remain industry leaders globally. Our strong presence influences the direction that technology goes in. For example, artificial intelligence is a key area for growth. It is arguably the greatest innovation since the commercial availability of the internet.

Specialist advice

Whilst good old fashioned hard work will play an integral role in the industry’s buoyancy, strategic business planning and decision making is essential.

Chris Galley is a technology strategist and angel investor and he works with Thames Valley Business Advisors. Broadly experienced, Chris Galley is a CTO and director who works part time with businesses and is also a freelance tech consultant. He is perfectly placed as a technology strategy consultant.

Chris can help you and your firm weather any Brexit storms. His ability to join viable projects as a technology angel investor strengthens a company’s operational, developmental and market sector position. Don’t work alone or in the mist of uncertainty, there is no need.

Remember, an atmosphere of fear and indecision won’t facilitate prosperity, expansion or Brexit calmness. Taking professional advice and instigating strategies will ensure that during and post Brexit talks your firm is in the strongest viable state.

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