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Are you passionate about fitness? Do you live for that next workout and look forward to those long days in the gym when you can focus on your mind/muscle connection? Do you like to help others get in shape and reach their fitness goals? If you are passionate about staying in shape and helping others do the same, Origym has a classroom learning PT course for you.

Origym in the industry leader in personal fitness trainer courses and offers a wide range of online and classroom learning courses that are designed to help you become a person trainer and start making money helping others get in shape and lose weight. If you have always wanted to become a personal trainer, Origym’s PT training in a classroom can make that dream come true.

Limitless Opportunities with Origym

When you take a classroom learning PT course with Origym, you will find a wide range of career opportunities available to you. From working full time or part-time as a gym instructor at a health club or private gym, to becoming a class fitness instructor, fitness manager or gym owner, our personal trainer courses can prepare you for an exciting and profitable career in today’s growing fitness industry.

What Can You Learn from Origym’s Classroom Learning PT Course?

Origym’s classroom learning PT course will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a personal trainer and training your own clients. You will learn comprehensive theory that enables you to understand the human anatomy, energy systems and bodies adaptivity, as well as how to apply exercises and the principles of fitness within a workout programme to help your clients reach their fitness goals. You will also learn how to effectively communicate with and support your clients through their training and motivate them towards their fitness goals.

With Origym, you will learn how to become a successful personal trainer and how to find new clients and what services to offer them. Origym has created a series of personal training courses that have already helped thousands of men and women throughout the UK and they can help you as well!

Contact Us to Take a Classroom Learning PT Course from Origym

If you are interested in taking one of our classroom learning PT courses, or you are interested in learning more about a career as a personal trainer in the UK, contact Origym today and let one of our consultants assist you with any questions you might have.

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