Rubbish Removal Stats To Know For Parties and Presentations

It’s always fun to impress your friends at parties with interesting statistics. We present below fascinating rubbish removal stats. You can also use them in presentations about recycling and environmental conservation. The source for most of these statistics is from C B Environmental Ltd, unless otherwise noted, so the data can be trusted.

General Statistics About Rubbish Removal

– Scientists estimate that about eighty percent of the rubbish we put in our bins can be recycled or composted. Clearabee, an on demand rubbish removal company serving the entirety of the UK, has achieved an even higher recycle rate: ninety percent!

– A UK citizen throws away rubbish equal to his or her body weight approximately every seven weeks.

– Each UK household generates approximately one tonne of rubbish removal each year. This is about the weight of an average saltwater crocodile or a small black rhinoceros!

– The UK produces approximately one-hundred million tonnes of rubbish each year. To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to the weight of about one-hundred million small cars.

– If you took all of the rubbish removal the UK produces, it would fill Lake Windermere to the top! This is the most massive and deepest lake in the UK.

Rubbish Removal Statistics About Children

– UK babies use an average of about 3800 disposable nappies before they are potty trained. The vast majority of these nappies go into landfills. Washable and reusable cloth nappies are an ecofriendly alternative.

– Children throw away about twenty-five kilograms of paper at school per academic year.

– According to ResponseSource, it’s not just toys that end up in the landfill! 800,000 tonnes of toy packaging will also end up in the landfill just at Christmas alone! This is packaging for advertising, safety, and product protection during the shipping process.

Rubbish Removal Statistics About Paper

– Paper and card stock comprise approximately one-fifth of the rubbish in a typical household bin. Of this, about one-half consists of magazines and newspapers. A lot of rubbish could be eliminated from landfills if citizens read more magazines and newspapers online.

– Currently, the UK recycles about two-thirds of the paper that goes into rubbish removal bins. However, other countries like Germany and Switzerland, recycle more paper so the UK still has room for improvement.

– It takes about six trees to make the paper that is thrown away over the course of one year by a typical UK family or UK household.

Rubbish Removal Statistics About Plastic

– It takes about twenty-five two litre sized plastic bottles to make an average size fleece pullover. Some clothing companies, starting with Patagonia, will take back old fleece garments, break them down into fleece fibers again, and create new fleece garments!

– The average UK citizen uses plastic shopping bags only one time before they are put in the bin. It takes most plastic bags at least one-hundred years or more to break down and decompose.

– UK citizens produce about twenty times more plastic than they did fifty years ago.

Rubbish Removal Statistics About Metal

– The energy that is saved by recycling just one aluminum can could power a television for three hours. Wow!

– An average UK citizens throws out ninety drink cans and seventy food cans.

– If one-hundred percent of all metal cans were recycled properly, fourteen million fewer rubbish bins would be needed.

Rubbish Removal Statistics About Food

– Approximately one-third of all food that is bought is actually thrown away! When food is placed in landfills, it is under anaerobic conditions (no oxygen) and it produces methane gas, contributing to the greenhouse effect. It also wastes a great deal of energy in the  producing the food, harvesting the food, packaging the food, transporting the food, storing the food, and selling it in stores.

Statistics About Rubbish Removal Companies

– Clearabee was the first rubbish removal company to guarantee a living wage to all of its employees. Clearabee has been recognized by the Living Wage Foundation for it commitment to fair wages.

– Clearabee continues to be the fastest growing rubbish removal company in the UK, serving more than 30,000 customers, both residential and business.

If you memorize a few of your favorite statistics above, you’ll seem like a sustainability genius at the next dinner party. You’ll also be helping to spread the word about the importance of keeping our rubbish out of the landfills.

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