Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

Tip 1: Vision

You must have a vision of what you would like your small yard to look/feel like. You might already have a good idea, but if not it is a good idea to go out and get some inspiration from other yards, garden centres, parks and outdoor spaces. Think about what you would like to feature in your yard, this could include grass, a fire pit area, a path, plants, garden furniture, decorative ornaments, bird feeders, flower beds and much more. Sketch your plans out and experiment with different layouts, using measurements if possible to ensure that you do not get carried away.

Tip 2: Colour

When planning ant landscape, including your small yard, you need to consider colour. Colour plays a large role in how areas look/feel so choose wisely. Here are some tips:

  • Choose 2-3 colours to anchor the landscape
  • Choose colours that you love and that are not just a fad
  • Think about how the colours will interact with your overall design
  • Choose colours that you want to see out of your windows

Remember, even if you stick to pale neutral colours which can tend to make small yards look larger you can always introduce bursts of fun and interesting colours using plants and garden décor.

Tip 3: Texture

Texture invites touch in a landscape and can look great – texture can be achieved bur using lots of materials such as natural stone paving, decking, bark, pebbles and much more! It is all about what you want, however if you have small children or pets you should consider this when choosing your garden materials, especially when it comes to flooring.

Tip 4: Space

When working with a small yard it is vital that you ensure that you can make it appear and feel as spacious as possible – this can be achieved in many ways – here are just some ideas:

  • Choose plants that grow upwards instead of outwards
  • Consider garden furniture which can be packed away
  • Hang planters on your ward walls instead of placing them on the floor
  • Paving should be laid with flat edges towards your house in a small garden – Pave diagonally

Tip 5: Help

If you are really struggling to come up with ideas, schemes and plans we would recommend that you find a landscaper to assist you. A professional landscaper will definitely know how to utilise your space to its full potential and provide you with a  yard that you couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

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