Is it good to abuse Phentermine for addiction? Read the review below!

When you are enquiring about the effectiveness of Phentermine, have you got the answer to whether or not it is an amphetamine? Well you will know in this review now since Phentermine works similar to amphetamine because of which it is compared to the compound. It stimulates the functioning of the central nervous system and even the chemical name of Phentermine is a-methylamphetamine. Both Phentermine and amphetamine belong to the same therapeutic class of sympathomimetic amines which helps in the regulation of different autonomous neuronal pathways to cause desired effects in the body. Due to the high demand for this product for its amazing effects similar to amphetamine, many people are showing their interest recently in the medication for improving their stamina and physical strength by shooting the energy levels to a great extent. Phentermine serves as an euphoric drug that improves the mental state of individuals and gives a peaceful high during recreational activities. Using this as a prescription product, you can take Phentermine for losing body weight apart from enhancing your sense of focus and prevent mood swings. Phentermine is involved in the release of essential neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which creates a wellbeing and peaceful state of mind and also works on the body’s ability to burn more and more fat.

How is Phentermine related to addiction?

It is already been known that amphetamines can cause addiction if they are taken in higher doses, but the same happens in the case of Phentermine as well since both the chemical compounds have similar neuronal effects. Phentermine can potentially prove to be addictive which is why so many professional athletes and body builders are using this drug to get high apart from maintaining their body shape and enhancing their physical output. When the users do not become addicted to the use of Phentermine, they often end up being dependent on the drug which can  cause a lot of undesired effects on their psychological and physiological health.

Generally 37.5 mg dose strength of Phentermine HCL causes high emotions and feelings but higher doses like 75 mg are more harmful. The withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. The high effects is brought about when Phentermine increases the level of serotonin and dopamine release in the brain. Thus the dose strength should be kept within comfortable levels to boost energy as well as improve mental state rather than degrading it. The most recommended dose strength is 37.5 mg, and the dosage cycle keeps varying form user to user between 8 mg to 40 mg or even more.

How does amphetamine function in the body?

Amphetamine belong to the therapeutic class of drugs that helps in the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), obesity and narcolepsy since 1938 and even popular in the 1960s.

A lot of people are using this drug to get high for its psychological effects and working as a cognitive enhancer. Therefore use Phentermine but within safe ranges to avoid adverse effects.

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