How to Negotiate the Price of a Used Car withthe Seller?

The main reason why people buy a used car is affordability. Used cars are cheaper than regular new cars. This also means that someone before you has used that car and is getting rid of it. If the previous owner’s reason satisfies you and you decide to buy the car, there is still a question of the price of the car. The first price that is told by the seller is always a risen price because even the seller expects some haggle from the user.

Here are some tips you can use to negotiate the price of a used car with the seller:

  1. Know the Local Language:

Most sellers are fluent in English or Hindi, but sometimes, if you talk to the seller in their local language, there are chances that they would favour you more. For example, if you want to buy used car in Bangalore and know Kannada, it would be easier for you to negotiate with the seller in his native language.

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  1. Be Friendly and Open:

Try to make friends with the seller instead of showing him that you are the buyer and he is the seller. Try to make distant connections and ask him questions other than the car as well. This way, you would make a personal bond with him and it would be easier to negotiate in that way.

  1. Drop the Price Really Low and Slowly Raise It to the Level You Want It to Be:

If you straight away tell the seller your ideal price, he might not agree for that pricing. You need to ensure that he feels satisfied with what he is getting. So, you need to come to his level as well. The best way to do that is ask for a price lower than what you are willing to pay and then increase to your level.

Follow these tips and negotiatethe dealfor the price you desire.

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