Fresh Food Micro Markets Continue to Grow for Offices and Smaller Stores

With employees demanding healthier foods to eat at work and consumers when buying at supermarkets, food micro markets that offer fresh food and snacks is a growing trend. They are food micro markets installed in company break rooms, cafeterias, or small supermarkets that offer customers foods they might buy at a bistro or a deli.

These markets are cashless self-serve mini stores set up by a food service company. The companies have a staff that prepares or purchases the fresh food for customers. There drivers deliver the foods and service the micro market. Markets are designed according to customer needs.

Micro food markets keep growing yearly. These market use bar code readers that scan information at kiosks when purchases are made. Companies keep track of information and what is sold. They sell yogurt, salads, sandwiches, entrees, snacks, and beverages. Some micro markets install a few vending machines as part of the setup.

Micro markets offer consumers, a larger selection of beverage choices. Some market has as many as 45 choices. They sell iced tea, juices, water, coffee, tea, and soda. Many micro markets require a surveillance system set up when it is installed.

The benefit of having a food micro market installed for employees, or customers is that you can order food that you want and avoid foods that you don’t want. It gives you a chance to change eating patterns, for employees and customers.

Companies constantly develop new food products or find new vendors. Typical sandwiches choices sold at a food micro market would be grilled chicken, roasted turkey, grilled chicken alfredo, steamed rice and flank steak, and breakfast sandwiches.

Micro markets in the office allow employees to walk into the break room, and find fresh fruit, beverages, sandwiches, cheese sticks, and healthy snacks ready to purchase and eat. This program keeps employees satisfied in a competitive labor market.

There is a wellness factor to having a micro market in the workplace or at the smaller super markets. Many offices and markets are trying to promote healthy products by having these micro markets installed by for example.

Companies that want to try a food micro market should consider food trends that shape the market, when ordering foods for their office or store. Consumers like meal kits and foods packed with nutrition when they eat at work, home, or on the move.

Small supermarkets will find customers want to find locally sourced food products. Companies should learn to support small and medium sized local vendors. The way micro markets are marketed will play a big role in their success.

Healthy fresh foods, and how it is raised and produced will influence sales. Artisan food or food made in small batches, fresh is becoming popular in micro markets. This are products like cheese and baked goods.

Fresh foods that can be purchased to eat at home or the office that is reasonably priced is important to the customer. Food micro market fill this niche and provide healthy food choices.

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